Mooncake Excitement

Call me Excited.. Yes, ako na ang pinaka excited na tao… hahahahaha

Been thinking of mooncake festival this past few days.  I remember that we (me and my cousins) are always looking forward to this day when we were kids.  This is one family tradition that we never miss out.  Unfortunately, my grandparents died, then some of my cousins went abroad already.  This tradition was seldom celebrated already in our family.

Last we played this as a family was when my cousins came home for Christmas. YES!! you read it right, Christmas! Since they missed it so much, they requested that we play kahit pasko pa! Walang basagan ng trip! 🙂

In the office naman, am always the punong abala in arranging this parties/games.  We will play just for the fun of it.  And now that we’re based in Cebu, since konti lang kame sa back office, I organized one for the store people. They don’t have any idea what’s it all about, did not explain the history to them na, pero syempre rules were explained naman. They had so much fun. hehehe..

Oh well, now that Liam is almost 2 yrs old, I really want him to experience this and I want this to be part of our traditions. If only am in Manila, I can organize one for him and his cousins and my siblings din. (hay, what fun this will be.. hintayin nyo akong makauwi!)  I’ve been thinking where we can play this. I want him to play with other kids din. He might not understand it yet, pero I want him to feel the excitement.

This afternoon, I talked to one of my friends here in Cebu. I asked her if there is any organization here that holds such games kahit open to all na. hehehehe.. Then she said that we can do it ourselves. She will invite her friends din daw with kids. Para our kids will have fun!!
I will be meeting her soon to talk about the details.  Can’t wait.  I’ll keep you guys updated! 🙂

*history and game rules in future post! 🙂

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