Steamed Garlic Shrimp

Been a while now since I really cooked. I missed it but ok lang din, been busy with Liam. hehe… I was cooking last night, all is well naman, then Liam came, nawindang ang mommy at nalito. forgot to add an ingredient sa sauce ko.. but it still turned out great.

Cooked Steamed Garlic and Steamed Brocolli with Oyster Sauce (my FIL gave me this idea) last night. Was suppose to add a little ground pork to my sauce para lang meaty, pero forgot to put it in, since Liam is pulling me na. He wants to be carried and see what’s cooking. hehehe..

Lately he likes playing pretend chef. We will give him the small pots and teflon ladles. He will get the empty bottle of alcohol, lotion bottles, etc and pretend to pour Catchup, Soy Sauce or Vinegar.Β  Then he will feed his stuffed animals. Cute no? (sayang, we weren’t able to take a photo of this pa, ang hirap kasi nya kunan lately, ang likot and he wants to b ethe one taking photos… photographer in the making.. mana sa daddy πŸ™‚ )

Anyway, below is the recipe of last night’s dinner. Enjoy!!


  • Shrimp
  • Garlic Chopped (we use a grater para mas mabilis and finer)
  • Dahon ng Sibuyas
  • Xiao Xin White Wine
  • Light Soy Sauce

How to:

  • Saute garlic in a little oil until fragrant
  • Add in dahon ng sibuyas
  • Add Xiao Xin White Wine let simmer for a minute
  • Add in Light Soy Sauce
  • Let cool
  • Peel shrimps and leave head and tail for presentation (optional)
  • Butterfly shrimps and remove the black veins (they say this is shrimp poop hehe)
  • Place it on plate or platter you’ll use for steaming
  • Spoon the sauteed mixture onto the shrimps
  • Steam for about 7 minutes or until done
  • Serve with Rice

Simple and Easy but super yummy! πŸ™‚

Note:Β  Sauteing is optional, original recipe I saw just mixed the ingredients together before pouring to shrimps. I prefer sauteing it, I wanted to cook the white wine to lessen the sourness.Β  I don’t know if this is right, pero parang effective naman. hehehe..

Before I end this post, let me share with you my little chef’s photo.

This was taken when he was barely 10 months.

Will post his latest chef photo, basta matyempuhan ng daddy nya.

Ciao! πŸ™‚



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