Guilty Mommy.. :(

Anak ng patola! I missed 4pm and Yaya have to send me SMS to tell me that it’s already uwian. To think 2nd week palang ni Liam in school and it’s my first time to pick him up.  Yes, I picked him up today with a cab, since di available ang van.  So we need to take a cab. (will be posting about our Cebu set up next time)

I hate the feeling and the thought. I know am being too hard on myself, pero this is one thing I promised I won’t do.  Ang sama kaya ng feeling na nakalimutan sunduin, or nakalimutang dalhan ng lunch. Or mapangakuan ng sundo from your Lola’s house na never dumating.  (sobbing).

Anyway, in defense, I was working and I kept looking at the time. 2:30pm, 3:00pm, then check emails, next thing I know.. SMS from Donna (yaya). KOW!!

Anak, sorry if mommy was a little late kanina, (even if I know you enjoyed it, kasi you played with ate sa field). Mommy and Daddy promise to do our best to be punctual and to be there for you lagi. In every milestone, in every achievement you have. Always know that if ever may time na malate kame or may event that we can’t attend to, for sure may malalim na reason that you will understand. Love you anak.


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