Chinese Tradition

Have you heard of Chinese Grandparents loving their sons and grandchildren (grandsons to be specific) from their sons (apo sa anak na lalaki) more than  other grand children? Well, this is very typical in Traditional Chinese families.

Malas lang for me, since our grandparents (father side) died early. So di ko naranasan ung side na mas mahal ako kesa sa iba. (bitterness! hehe)

Anyway, why am I writing this post now? Wala lang feel ko lang, Kiber?!? hehehe. Jowk!

I was talking to my sis last week and we were talking about how her 2 kids are soooo different from each other. Kahit same parents and same way of pag-aalaga at pag papalaki, they grew up to be different people. (not my story to tell)

I was also telling her about the line I heard from a friend – “Parents cannot love their Children Equally.”  Weird line but true, kasi nga each child have different needs. Each person, or child for this matter, has their own way of thinking.  She agrees to this, since yun nga, her 2 kids are soooo different.

Ano naman connect nito!? Oo nga naman, anong connect nitong kwentong kong to sa title ko?! hehehe

I don’t how our conversation went na, pero we ended up talking about this tradition and how we both disagree to this practice. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Generally, girls are more obedient than boys, more studious din. And they are not pasaways.  Lesser headache;
  2. Parents invests more for their daughters. more fear, more worries, more sermons and a lot of other mores;
  3. Boys, after they get married will always follow their wives.  My mom once told me that my Aunt use to say that: “Husbands are Wives’ first born.” (oh well, more of, they need to take care of their own family na kasi. His first priority will be his family na.  – I need to have a disclaimer, baka my MIL will read this, am gotlay! hehehe)
  4. Lastly, at the end of the day, it will always be the daughters who will look after their parents / grandparents. Am not saying sons don’t care about their parents but they can only do as much. Siguro only 1 out of 100 will give their parents a bath or clean after they.. you know..


These are just my thoughts, I am not necessary right. Baka din bitter lang ako at naranasan ko na di ako mas love.. hehehehe..

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