129th and counting

This is a late post already. Last Thursday, as we were deciding what to have for dinner, Dino suddenly thought of eating outside. There is a new chain open in Gaisano Countrymall called Mr. India. He told me that it should me my treat which I willingly agreed to.

That afternoon, while am preparing some cash vouchers, I remember that it was the 26th and realized that it’s our monthsary as BF/GF.  Yes! I’m still counting and it’s already our 129th Monthsary (10 years and 9 months).

So I greeted him through Skype (and yes again, we skype kahit magkatapat lang office tables namen, para may konti pa ring kilig. And if it’s a secret, or a fight, or sweet nothings, kame lang makakabasa, anyway, back to my topic) and that since it’s our monthsary, sya dapat manlibre. He can’t say no to that. hehehe.. galing ko no!?

Anyway, while walking to the restaurant, he asked how many months we are na and just realized that we’re already together more than 10 years, parang may panghihinayang ba?!? hehe.. then he said: “parang kahapon lang no!?”  Kilig to the bones naman ang lola nyo diba?! Kahit pang asar lang ang hirit nya.. hahaha..

Oh well, that’s what keeping us stronger… mga pang aasar nya… hehe

Happy 129th Bobe! More loving months… years… decades to us. Love you…
PS. Sorry, am not yet a seasoned blogger, forgot to take pic and remember what we ate in Mr. India. Next time, will surely post it here… May next time si Mr. India as Dino likes it. 🙂

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