Liam’s First Day at School

I’ve been worried for the past few days since Dino and I decided to put Liam to school.  My emotions were all mixed up…. excited, scared, emotional (oh well, eto di nakakagulat about me, hehe), halo halo na.

He’s first day was not official, since it’s only a trial / assessment day.  The school Pre-School head needs to assess if Liam can join the senior class since Liam is barely 2 yrs. old and all of the kids in Sr. Pre-School are already 2 and up.

2 days before his assessment day pala, I went to Book Sale and looked for Children’s Book about going to school and I found this..

Meet Henry the Mouse

I thought this was perfect since Liam likes mouse characters lately (siguro dahil din kay Mickey Mouse?).  When I got home, I quickly showed this book to him. He said: “Waaaaaw!?” then ran away from me.

But that night, we read this book together, ‘di naman talaga read na read, I made up some stories about the book, you can’t read the real text from the book since Liam hoards the book and flips pages every now and then (Hay, baka mapunit lang, hayaan nalang naten)

The following day, when we’ll tell him that he will also go to school na, he will reply to us: “mawsh?”. He is telling us like mouse? And we’ll say yes, just like mouse. This kept my hopes up.

Eto na! Big Assessment day (July 20, 2012, Wednesday). Oh my! Diba we usually hear na babies get traumatizes blah blah blah, eto, ako ang natraumatized. When we got in the school premises palng, Liam started to get agitated already and start to cry when we went inside the office. Oh  no! di lang basta cry, as in Cry with bending of body, moving his body towards the exit. I was soooo naaawa na kay Liam that time.

We tried going to the Discovery Park (indoor playground) ngawa ulit, teacher tried to show him monkey toys, ngawa pa din. Then we tried to go inside his soon to be classroom, ngawa ulit.. oh my, i was really worried that na that time and wanted to call it a day na.

Gwapo pa din kahit mugto mata.. 🙂

Buti nalang, we stayed kasi after playing with plants (this helped him stop crying), Dino invited him to play in the open field (This he really loves). He ran and watched the other kids playing Soccer (at naku, gusto sumama sa mga bata na sumisipa sipa ng soccer ball dun, kow ang nanay, natakot at baka matamaan ng bola ang anak ko, hehehe).  He also started playing with other kids.

My Future Goalie.. Ano naman panama ng mga Azkals dyan!? Partida mugto pa mata nyan from crying.. 🙂

We tried to let him join his soon to be classmates ulit, this time they were in the discovery park already and “whew!!” he joined them inside na. He was so excited di nya na alam alin ang uunahin laruin, balls, drive the car or the blocks, he went back and forth.

When the session ended, teacher queued the kids up, they asked kids to hold the rope na so they will walk in a line. Guess what!? To our surprise, nagpababa ang Liam and he joined the line. He held the rope and walked with his classmates.

Hay anak, if you’re reading this na, I just want you to know that you made mommy and daddy so proud.  I know you’ve heard this a million times (or malamang by now that you can read na, gazillion na) mommy and daddy loves you so so much. mwah!

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