Liam’s typical afternoon

Now that Liam’s bigger and can run by himself, I allow him to run around the garden and garage more. For exercise and for him to play outdoors (well, that’s farthest i can allow him ‘outdoors’).

here’s what he does outside.. 🙂

Come Out Chicks!
Liam summoning everyone to get the chicks under the bench.. well, he realized that chicks can’t understand him.. hehehe
Habol Chicks
then he will run after them and try step on them.. (note: no chick was harmed naman.. he just tries to catch them)
Flower Picking
He also loves picking flowers from the garden, and the leaves and the seeds..
for you
after picking, he will give 1 to everybody, this afternoon, he gives all his picks to kuya willy..
Bubble Time
he will also play with bubbles.. all the ates and kuyas will blow while he tries to catch and burst them..

that’s an hour activity for my big boy.. 🙂

Note: sorry not a good photographer… used my e71 to take these photos…


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